Hi! It's nice to meet you! My name is Sylvia Damaris. I have too much hair, I love the sunshine, and I'm so excited that you're here!

I am a Midwest girl, a wife, a full time engineer, part time photographer, dog momma, travel lover, adventure junkie, and fitness enthusiast. In September 2017, I married the love of my life -- my engineering, Miata-racing, gear-head, adventure buddy husband, Javan. Our home base is Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where we have the most adorable little house, but we love to travel and explore everything the world has to offer. Our favorite trips so far have been hiking in Peru and adventuring in Hawaii!


I am an extrovert and an optimist who has always loved two things: people and photography. When I was 10, my parents gave me a cheap little film camera for Christmas, and the rest is history! In 2012, after years of wishing I could afford one, I bought my first DSLR. Despite having years of point-and-shoot auto mode experience, I had no idea how to use that thing. It was then that I fell in love with portrait photography. I had to practice, practice, practice! And as beautiful as buildings and sunsets are, I found that photos could never do them justice. I believe that landscapes are best enjoyed in person.

But photos of people -- photos of people can grant immortality to who they were in that season of their life. Photos of people can freeze raw emotion. They can do justice to relationships. They can showcase what is special and unique. They can be beautifully joyful or beautifully sad. They can be romantic. They can be quirky. They can be real. Once I could put words to that idea, I could never put my camera down. Have you ever said to a friend, "I wish you could see yourself through my eyes." Well, that's what I get to do every day. I get to show people their beauty, their worth, their authentic selves by capturing their faces, their personalities, and their relationships.

Sheboygan Wisconsin Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Stuff I Like

Sheboygan Wisconsin Wedding and Portrait Photographer


Ever since I was little, I have loved the outdoors. My grandparents had a beautiful 7 acre property, and we had free reign over every inch. We hiked, camped, built bridges over the creek, fell into the creek crossing our rickety bridges... but I loved it!
Now, my favorite places now are hiking in the mountains and SCUBA diving under the sea. We love to plan insane adventures to places like Peru and Indonesia. We haven't made all of our dreams a reality, but you will certainly hear about it when we do!


Coffee Coffee Coffee!

I'm a total addict when it comes to coffee of all shapes and sizes, but cold brew is by far the best. And I'm not talking about that garbage that Starbucks claims is cold brew, when really they made hot coffee and put it in the fridge -- YUCK. I'm talking about coffee-grounds-in-a-jar-overnight, beautiful, magical, never-seen-a-drop-of-hot-water, life-giving, not-even-a-little-bit-bitter cold brew. Seriously, if you haven't tried real cold brew coffee, do yourself a favor and take 5 minutes to make it. Click here for a recipe!

Sheboygan Wisconsin Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Star Trek

While my nerdom stretches far and wide (I also consider myself a Whovian and a Potterhead), Star Trek is the best of the bunch. I have seen all of Star Trek ever made -- every episode of every series and every movie, old and new. Like the true Trekkie I am, I even struggled through Enterprise, which I would not recommend to anyone.
For my fellow nerds:
The best captain is Picard (obviously), followed closely by Janeway. "Kirk" rhymes with "jerk" for a reason. The best series is The Next Generation, but you can't beat The Original Series for Grade A bad movie material. I have also met LeVar Burton (a.k.a. Geordi LaForge).



My Favorite Adventures



The Office

Welcome to my humble abode! My husband and I share a 1100 sq. ft. house, but this little space is mine for making the magic happen. It doesn't have a door, the ceiling height is only seven feet, and the maple floors are original to the 1939 building -- and not probably refinished since. My favorite features are the antique filing cabinet and the antique desk -- both found at thrift stores for a STEAL!




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