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The absolute core of my business is showcasing the individuality and authenticity of the real humans I meet through this line of work. That extends way beyond photographing weddings and anniversaries! There is so much personality behind the big moments you choose and how you choose to celebrate them. This mission extends beyond my standard offerings to everything from personal branding for fiery entrepreneurs to a photo session to celebrate beating cancer.

So thanks for dropping by! Take a look around. If you like what you see, shoot me an email from the contact page! I want to hear all about who you are β€” your family, your story, and your dreams.



Family Session
Starts at $300

Senior Session
Starts at $225

Maternity and Newborn
Starts at $225
Starts at $75 for minis!

Destination Sessions
Please contact me for a custom quote!

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I offer a variety of packages and custom options to meet almost anyone's needs. I am always happy to put together custom quotes if none of my standard offerings fit your needs! Please contact me for detailed information on pricing and availability.



Services Offered



Lakeside Family Photography

I love working with families. There are so many varied personalities and unique relationships all in one little tribe! Sibling love, mother and son, father and son, mom and dad -- the list goes on! Each and every tribe, each and every family member, and each and every relationship is so special to me. As an optimistic outsider with a camera, I want to show you all the authenticity and joy I get to see. Contact me for details on pricing and availability!


Sheboygan Senior Photography - Vikings

My mission during this significant moment in your story is to showcase your personality and individuality through creative posing and action, to provide Insta-worthy images for you to share with friends and family, and to give mom or dad something to remember you by when you leave home. Let's have some fun while we capture the most authentic version of you! Contact me for more details.
Headshots are also available upon request.

Maternity and Newborn

Sheboygan Posed Newborn Photography

Congratulations on your joyful arrival!! I love to capture the anticipation and excitement of your pregnancy, the unadulterated adoration of your newborn, and the rapidly  developing personality throughout baby's first year. I'd love to celebrate with you! Please contact me for more detailed pricing and information.






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